Lydia Wardell

You're looking for Pinkie.

Lydia W. Wardell (1936-2007)Lydia Wardell, otherwise known as "Pinkie" started her own web site in 1996. Through the years she shared her thoughts, prayers, humor, and other insights that were important parts of her life. As her mobility decreased, sharing with family and friends through through "" became an important part of her life and a primary communication tool for her.

After her death in 2007 I maintained the site for seven years. By that time technology had advanced to the point that many of the pages were difficult for most people to load. Maintaining the site in the way Pinkie would have done simply wasn't possible. It was also increasingly difficult for me to recall her treasured moments and thoughts.

In 2014 I retired

If you were among Pinkie's many friends, please get in touch with me. If you simply happened across this address, I'm sorry that there isn't more to share. You don't know what you missed!

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